FNB: Use of Facilities and Grounds for Other Board Initatives

F: Facilities Development

In addition to the Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K - 12) education program/district education programs, the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) supports other education services and initiatives for both school aged children and the adult population.  These include the distance education learning centre, adult education services, and a number of programs that support education, community objectives, socioeconomic and/or recreation goals;  Some examples include community schools, inner city, and lunch programs.

In supporting these initiatives, the Board recognizes the need for a variety of different types of facilities to meet these program objectives.  As the provision of many of these facilities is not considered in Ministry of Education facility guidelines and, therefore, does not receive Ministry funding for operations and maintenance, facilities to accommodate these services can only be provided if surplus space is available.  Furthermore, all short- and long-term maintenance costs associated with the use of these facilities or renovations to accommodate these functions may have to be included within the program's operating budget. 

Board approval is required to establish any new programs.  As part of the approval process, all proposed initiatives must first be reviewed by senior management.  In granting approval for these proposals, consideration should be given to the availability of space to accommodate programs both in the short- and long-term and the impact of these programs on the regular or district K - 12 programs.

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FNA, Use of Facilities and Grounds for K - 12
Adopted Date: 
Monday November 04, 1996