GBBA: Indemnifying Officers and Employees Against Claims for Damages

G: Personnel

It is in the interest of a responsive and efficient public service that officers and employees be protected against a claim for damages arising out of the performance of their duties and pay legal costs incurred in a court proceeding arising out of a claim.  The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) has agreed to indemnify every person being an officer and employee of it against any claim for damages arising out of the honest performance of duties assigned by the Board. 

The Board’s obligation is subject to the said officers and employees agreeing that the Board has the right to conduct the defence of any claim and, in its discretion, to compromise or settle any claim.  It is a further condition of the Board's obligation to indemnify officers or employees that the officer or employee co-operate fully in defence of the claim and provide statements when requested by the Board.

DMT Responsibility:S-T


Adopted Date: 
Monday December 04, 1989
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Apr 1998