GBCBA: Board and District Respectful Workplace Policy

: Section G: Personnel

The Board of Education (the “Board”) is committed to providing a respectful work and learning environment in which all individuals who work for the Vancouver School District (the “District”) or the Board or who are members of the Board are treated with respect and in a manner which is free from discriminatory harassment (as considered under the BC Human Rights Code), bullying and harassment (as considered in WorkSafeBC policy), and retaliation.

This commitment is consistent with the legal obligations of the Board and the District as employers and is consistent with the commitment to foster safe and caring workplaces that promote mutual respect, cooperation and social responsibility and support optimal learning.  It also serves to support safe, inclusive, equitable, and welcoming work environments. 

As a workplace, we promote clear expectations of acceptable behavior.  We subscribe to the belief that discriminatory harassment and inappropriate conduct that rises to the level of bullying and harassment are detrimental to the work environment and contrary to the promotion of mutual respect and cooperation.  Similarly, retaliation against individuals for raising legitimate concerns about respectful workplace issues or for participating in processes designed to safeguard respectful workplaces is counter to the workplace culture we wish to promote.

Board trustees and Board employees are held to the same standards in respect of their conduct as employees of the District.  

Prevention and intervention strategies and a fair process in which concerns can be raised are the foundations of a respectful workplace. Any intervention strategies must also be consistent with association or collective agreement rights and obligations.

Adopted Date: 
Wednesday February 05, 2014
Revision Date: 
Jun 2017