GBCD: Employee Discipline Procedure

G: Personnel

Teaching Personnel 

Teacher discipline, suspension, and dismissal shall be governed by the School Act and the Vancouver Teachers’ Federation (VTF) Collective Agreement (Article 8-F). 

  • The administrator will contact the associate superintendent upon an initial incident.  If the associate superintendent is unavailable, the administrator will contact the Associate Superintendent - Human Resources.
  • The associate superintendent will contact the Associate Superintendent - Human Resources, or designate, if they believe the matter should be considered for disciplinary action.  The exception will be sexual abuse cases where the Human Resources Division should be contacted.
  • Where an employee is under investigation by the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) for cause, the employee and appropriate VTF co-president shall be notified in writing, including specific allegations, prior to any interview with the employee in relation to the investigation.  The employee shall also be advised of the right to be accompanied by a VTF representative at any meeting in connection with such an investigation.  An initial discussion between the employee’s administrative officer/supervisor shall not be considered part of the investigation and shall not be referred to or admissible in any future hearings.
  • When Board officials are considering discipline or dismissal, there shall be a meeting with the employee, who shall be advised of his/her right to be accompanied by a VTF representative.  The employee and VTF co-president shall be given 72 hours notice of such meeting.
  • The Board shall not suspend or dismiss any employee, other than a suspension to which Section 15 (5) of the School Act applies, unless it has, prior to such action, held a private session meeting of the Board, in accordance with the provisions contained in the collective agreement.
  • Section 15 (5) of the School Act states that:  “If the superintendent of schools is of the opinion that the welfare of the students is threatened by the presence of an employee, the superintendent may suspend the employee, with pay, from the performance of his or her duties”.  Where an employee is suspended under this section of the School Act, the provisions of the Collective Agreement, Article 8 - F.6, shall apply. 

Support Staff 

  1. The employee's immediate supervisor will report the incident to the personnel officer or personnel manager responsible for that area, who will apprise the Associate Superintendent - Human Resources.  In cases that could result in suspension or termination, the matter will also be reported to the supervisor's manager, associate superintendent, or director.
  2. Human Resources will review the matter if the available facts indicate that discipline may  be appropriate.
  3. The employee will be interviewed by the supervisor and others, as deemed appropriate.
  4. Human Resources and the supervisor will determine disciplinary action. 
  5. If termination is being recommended, the Superintendent of Schools and Associate Superintendent - Human Resources will first be apprised of the facts.  Letters of termination will be issued by the Superintendent.

Professional Administrative Staff or Administrative Officer 

  1. The matter will be discussed by the appropriate senior manager and the Associate Superintendent - Human Resources.  A recommendation will be made to the Superintendent.
  2. Cases of termination will be referred to Personnel and Staff Services Committee and the Board for a decision.

Criminal or Civil Prosecution 

  1. If prosecution is a possibility, legal advice will be obtained from the Board’s lawyers.
  2. A report, including possible alternatives, will be presented to the Personnel and  Staff Services Committee and the Board for discussion and a decision.

DMT Responsibility: AS-HR


Agreement References: 
Current Collective Agreements with VTF, VEPVPA, VASSA, PASA, CUPE, IUOE, Trades and CUPE Loc 15/VMECW
Adopted Date: 
Monday November 20, 1989
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Feb 1996
Jan 1999