GBG: Staff Participation in Political Activities

G: Personnel

It is the privilege of any employee of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) to offer himself/herself as a candidate for any public office for which he/she may be eligible.  He/she should, however, first familiarize himself/herself with Board regulations by consulting the Superintendent of Schools. 

The Board is charged with providing compulsory education and, in any case where, in the opinion of the Board, the requirements of the public office would interfere with the carrying out of the duties of its employee, leave of absence must be obtained. 

Full-time leave of absence will be granted, without pay, for the duration of the term of office.  Upon application, part-time leave of absence may be granted at the pay rate of a substitute where no loss to the educational program results.  Such absence shall not exceed one day per week unless otherwise authorized by the Superintendent.

On expiration of the leave of absence, the employee shall be re-engaged by the Board but not necessarily in the same position that he/she formerly held.

Conditions of Implementation 

Each application will be considered on its individual merits.  Each leave that is granted will be without pay.  Leave will be granted for the full term of office. 

DMT Responsibility: SUPT.

Adopted Date: 
Monday February 07, 1977
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994