GD- Support Staff

G- Personel

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) recognizes that support staff employed to work in the Vancouver School District play an integral role in ensuring the success of the school district and make invaluable contribution to the district by providing a variety of services to support student learning. The Board is dedicated to recruiting, selecting, appointing and retaining exceptional support staff and fostering a positive working environment.


Support Staff positions are wide and varied and can be generally captured by the following: office administration, student support, technical support, maintenance work, trades work, custodial work, power engineering work, and specialized professional and administrative work requiring applicable education.

The working conditions, compensation, benefits, evaluation and posting /filling of positions for unionized support staff are contained within negotiated collective agreements between the Board and applicable bargaining units as well as current legislation. Working conditions, compensation and benefits for non-unionized support staff are outlined in the terms and conditions of employment as outlined by the Board or similarly through individual contracts with the employee. The Associate Superintendent – Human Resources is responsible for administration in all matters related to the conditions of support staff employment.

Agreement References: 
Bargaining Council of Vancouver School Board Construction and Maintenance Trade Unions; CUPE Local 15; CUPE Local 407; IUOE Local 963. Vancouver Board of Education Terms of Employment and Benefits for Professional and Administrative Staff Association (PASA).
Adopted Date: 
Tuesday May 19, 2015