HH: Privileges of Staff Negotiating Organizations

H: Negotiations

Each group that negotiates with the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) has, in its respective agreement, clauses stating certain benefits or privileges given by the Board to the employee group.  These clauses are negotiated between the Board and the employee group concerned, and each contract or agreement differs.  These negotiated benefits or privileges prevail over Board policy where inconsistencies arise, but the law and government regulations prevail over all. 

Where there is no contract or agreement in effect between the Board and a group, the Board will extend certain privileges to those recognized groups, such as granting time off for the conducting of negotiations, making available the agendas and minutes of open sessions of the Board and its Committees, supplying information regarding new employees and other relevant data to the group. 

Where practicable and before any reports or recommendations are acted on by the Board dealing with changes to established policy, the group concerned shall be informed so as to afford the group a reasonable opportunity to consider them and, if necessary,  to protest them before they are introduced.  Representatives of the group are invited to attend the Personnel and Staff Services Committee (Committee IV) or an appropriate public session of the Board when such matters are discussed or decisions made, to contribute to the discussions and to the decision-making process. 

Any such privileges granted are in accordance with the laws of British Columbia, the applicable negotiated agreement, the policies and practices of the Board, and the privacy rights of any individuals who may be involved.

DMT Responsibility: AS-HR

Cross References: 
DLB: Salary Deductions; All H Section subcodes (all pertain to negotiations)
Agreement References: 
Current Collective Agreement with VTF; Current Agreements with VASSA & VEPVPA; Current Collective Agreement with IUOE, Local 963; Current Collective Agreement with CUPE Loc.15/VMECW; Current Collective Agreement with CUPE, Local 407; Current Agreement with PASA
Adopted Date: 
Thursday December 01, 1983
Revision Date: 
Aug 1990
Sep 1994
Jan 1999