HC: Scope of Negotiation

H: Negotiations

The Labour Relations Code requires the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”), as an employer by definition under the Code, to negotiate with each unit certified as a trade union under the Code

The Board has legal responsibility for the governance of Vancouver schools as set down in the School Act.  It has the responsibility conferred upon it by the voters who are the taxpayers of the City of Vancouver.  The Board cannot legally abdicate its responsibilities, but it has the right to enter into agreements with its employees that set out terms and conditions of employment that are clearly defined and that may be an improvement on legislation in particular areas; for example, maternity leave.  Such agreement  must not  in any way contradict the provisions of the School Act or other legislation in which case the law shall take precedence. 

The policies of the Board concerning staff involvement in decision-making (see policy ABB and its cross references) are to ensure that the advice and support of its staff is sought in creating a satisfactory educational program and environment in the Vancouver schools.  Board policy expressed as an agreement is to create a climate where shared ideals and concerns of the staff and the Board can be exercised in performing the Board's legal duty to govern the schools for the benefit of the students and the community at large.

DMT Responsibility: AS-HR

Cross References: 
AB: The People and their School District; ABB: Staff Involvement in Decision-making; HB: Negotiations Legal Status; HG: Staff Negotiating Organizations (and recognized units)
Adopted Date: 
Monday October 18, 1982
Revision Date: 
Aug 1990
Sep 1994
Dec 1996
Jan 1999