HE: Board Negotiating Agents

H: Negotiations

The Board of School Trustees (“the Board”) is legally responsible for all negotiations with employee units, subject to the Public Education Labour Relations Education Act (PELRA). It is the practice of the Board to appoint as its negotiators certain senior managers of the Board, such as the Associate Superintendent - Human Resources, to deal with issues that may arise in their area of specialization. 

Any trustee who wishes to attend negotiations as an observer is encouraged to do so.  The contribution of trustees during negotiations is largely confined to caucus sessions of the negotiations process unless otherwise specifically directed by the Chairperson and the Superintendent of Schools. 

Negotiators for the Board have the authority to interpret or to propose various changes to agreements or to represent the Board's position to the negotiators for the associations or the unions, subject always to an understanding on both sides that the end result of negotiations at this level is a memorandum of agreement.  The negotiators agree to recommend the memorandum to their principals. The principals are the Board on the one hand and the membership of the associations and/or the unions on the other. 

A memorandum of agreement arrived at by negotiators for the Board is presented initially to the Personnel and Staff Services Committee (IV), where it is discussed in detail and sent on to the Board with or without a recommendation for ratification or non-ratification.  Some agreements also require the approval/ratification of the B.C. Public School Employers’ Association (BCPSEA), as established under PELRA and the B.C Public Sector Employers Council (BCPSEC).  The Board has the final authority to ratify a memorandum of agreement, at which time permission to change existing agreements and to sign amended agreements is also authorized, subject only to ratification of the memorandum by the association(s)/union.

DMT Responsibility: AS-HR

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HC: Scope of Negotiations; HG: Staff Negotiating Organizations
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Monday October 18, 1982
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Aug 1990
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