HG: Staff Negotiating Organizations (and Recognized Units)

H: Negotiations

There are a number of recognized bargaining units which derive bargaining authority by certification from the Labour Relations Board under the provisions of the Labour Relations Code of British Columbia.  The  International Union of Operating Engineers (I.U.O.E. Local 963)  embraces five (5) groups, each of which  at one time had separate certificates of bargaining authority.  These are: custodians and engineer custodians in several categories, food service workers, Cafeteria Teachers' Aides I and II and supervision aides. 

The Canadian Union of Public Employees has  two locals: one is C.U.P.E. Local 407, which covers the group usually known as outside workers who do maintenance work on grounds, gardens, trucking, furniture repairs, moving, all semi-skilled trades and similar activities. 

The other group is clerical workers represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 15/Vancouver Municipal Education and Community Workers  (C.U.P.E. Loc. 15/V.M.E.C.W).  The CUPE, Loc. 15/VMECW  is similar to CUPE and negotiates jointly with CUPE in the G.V.R.D. but not with the School Board CUPE union.  The CUPE, Loc. 15/VMECW  has contracts for clerical and inside workers with the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Community College and the Emily Carr College of Art among others. 

The Board also has a core of construction workers represented by eight trades unions and, at the peak of the season for maintenance during the summer period, the number of workers may double or triple.  The Board has individual agreements with the construction trade unions.

The Professional & Administrative Staff Association (P.A.S.A.) is registered under the Societies Act and represents all employees who are not covered by a collective agreement or the School Act, except the Superintendent of Schools, the Secretary-Treasurer, the associate superintendents, and the Board’s legal counsel.

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Monday October 18, 1982
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