HK: Release of Negotiation Information

H: Negotiations

The release of negotiation information is usually part of the procedure of negotiations.  The parties, early in the negotiation process, discuss and agree on policy regarding the release of information. 

All matters pertaining to negotiations are discussed in private session meetings of the Committee and of the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) and, therefore, the Board policies and regulations regarding the conduct of private sessions apply to procedures and information on labour negotiations.  The spokesperson for the Board may be a trustee or, alternatively, a senior manager or designate involved in negotiations.  

All negotiating sessions are held in confidence with the agreement of both parties that items of discussion at the bargaining table are not discussed outside of the bargaining sessions.  Various publications provide updates on the unions and associations that are currently negotiating.  The only information released to such enquirers is whether or not negotiations are in progress and the date of the next meeting.  All general enquiries from the media are referred to Human Resources for the dissemination of the appropriate information or for referral to the appropriate spokesperson.

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HM: Announcement of Final Negotiated Agreement
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Monday October 18, 1982
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Feb 1983
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