HM: Final Negotiated Agreement

H: Negotiations

Signing a memorandum of agreement signifies the conclusion of collective bargaining or negotiating.  Once the items of the memorandum of agreement have been incorporated into the collective agreement or other agreement to the satisfaction of both parties and signed, there are certain legal requirements that must be met in filing copies of the agreement.  Under the Labour Relations Code, the parties are required to submit two copies of the collective agreement to the Minister of Labour and one copy to the Labour Relations Board immediately upon signing. 

Copies of new collective agreements are sent to various other organizations, including the B.C. School Trustees Association (BCSTA), Employment and Immigration (Canada), Mediation Services Branch, Labour Canada, Statistics Canada, B.C. Public School Employers Association (BCPSEA), Business Council of British Columbia, other school districts, and public employers requesting copies.  Internally, copies are made available to senior managers, principals, supervisors, department heads, schools, and others who may be involved with the administration of the agreement.  Each member of the union or association that has a new agreement will receive a copy of the agreement.  All new employees receive a copy of the agreement by which they are covered upon appointment. 

The  BCPSEA will review the term of settlement for each of these groups to determine whether the plan meets the standards and is within the guidelines as established by BCPSEA and the B.C. Public Sector Employers Council (BCPSEC).

DMT Responsibility: AS-HR

Cross References: 
HD: School Board Negotiating Powers and Duties; HG: Staff Negotiating Organizations; HK: Release of Negotiations Information
Agreement References: 
Current Collective Agreement with VTF; Current Collective Agreement with IUOE, Local 963; Current Collective Agreement with CUPE, Loc. 15/VMECW; Current Collective Agreement with CUPE, Local 407; Current Agreement with PASA; Current administrative officer contracts
Adopted Date: 
Monday October 18, 1982
Revision Date: 
Dec 1983
Aug 1990
Sep 1994
Dec 1996
Jan 1999