JC: School Attendance Areas (Boundaries)

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 Under the School Act section 75.1 (1) the Board of School Trustees (the ABoard@) must establish a catchment area for each school in the district.  The Board further has the duty, after considering the recommendations of the Superintendent of Schools, to assign students to various schools in the school district and the power to divide the district into attendance areas for the purpose of assigning students to various schools (School Act, Part 6, Div  2, Sec. 75(4) and Sec. 85).  The attendance areas are defined by the Board and are subject to periodic review as indicated in 75.1 (2). 

Guiding principles which serve as the foundation for the development and review of school catchment boundaries include: 

  • balance the catchment student population with the capacity of a given school; 
  • regular enrolling students should attend their Ahome@ in-catchment school.  Cross boundary enrollment should be administered according to the provisions contained within the School Attendance Area Policy and Student Admission and School Choice Policy (JECC); and 
  • when school catchment boundaries are revised, existing students have the option to continue attendance at their current school (Agrand-parent@ provision). 

In accordance with the guiding principles, consideration to specific criteria will be given in the revision of catchment boundaries.  These criteria include, and are not limited to, family of schools transition, walking distance, major roads, physical terrain, public transit routes and infrastructure and proximity of schools to one another.

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Wednesday December 20, 1989
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Feb 1990
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