JECA: Admission of Resident Students

J: Students

All persons of school age* who are resident within the boundaries of the school district, and whose guardian(s) are ordinarily resident in British Columbia, are entitled to enroll in an educational program provided by the Board. Such students will be provided free of charge with the services and materials set out in section 82(1) of the School Act.  For more information on section 82, and the concepts of guardianship and residency, please see {link to attached document - already on web site}

Proof of residency of the student and/or his/her legal guardian(s) may be required by the school Principal or Vice-Principal at the time of registration.

* ‘School age’ in the School Act is defined as the age between the date on which a person is permitted  to enrol in an educational program  (the first day of September of a school year if, on or before December 31, the person will have reached the age of 5 years) and the end of the school year in which the person attains the age of 19 years.   In addition, the Act makes provision for a parent to defer the enrolment of his or her child until the first school day of September of the next school year and states that a person shall attend school until age 16 but is of school age until the end of the school year when he or she attains 19 years.

Home Education:

A parent/guardian may choose to educate a child through home education, in keeping with the provisions of the School Act (Sections 12 and 13).  Under Section 12, the parent is required to register the child with a school of the parent’s choice in the school district in which the parent resides.  Under the School Act, Section 14 - “Power to report”, a person who believes that a child is not registered for home education or is not receiving an educational program may report that belief to the Superintendent of Schools.  The Superintendent of Schools shall take such action as is required by the orders of the Minister of Education.

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