JECB: Admission of Non-Resident Students

J: Students

The School Act (Sec. 3) permits the Board of School Trustees (the Board) to admit to the district schools, as allowed under the Act, persons of school age* residing outside the school district.

The admission of non-resident students to the school district is governed by Board policies.

Non-resident students may request enrolment in any Vancouver school program (other than special classes), and this request may be granted, subject to the availability of suitable programs, staff, and facilities, and if space is available after providing for:

  • students from the school attendance area,
  • students from other Vancouver school attendance areas.

Non-resident students may request enrolment in special education programs, and this request may be granted provided that:

  • a program appropriate to the needs of the applicant is available,
  • space is available in that program,
  • no additional costs accrue to the Board.

Placement of non-resident students in special education programs is subject to annual review by the school administrator or designate.

Related guidelines for admission of non-resident students in special education programs are set forth in Board-approved policy JC and regulation JECB-R.

Non-resident students enrolled in the previous year shall not be re-enrolled until Vancouver students are provided for.

*School age means the age between the date on which a person is permitted under the School Act, Section (1), to enrol  in an educational program provided by a board and the end of the school year in which the person attains the age of 19 years.

DMT Responsibility: DFSS

Adopted Date: 
Sunday December 01, 1974
Revision Date: 
Nov 1985
Aug 1990