JEG: Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance

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Although school attendance is compulsory for all persons from the first school day of the year in which they attain 6 years of age until they turn 16, there are certain circumstances in which a child may be exempted or excluded from attending a public school in the district.


Exemptions may be permitted if:

·        a child is attending an independent school; an educational institution operated by the government of Canada or by a first nation or a Community Education Authority established by one or more participating First Nations under the First Nations Jurisdiction over Education in British Columbia Act (Canada), or is participating in a kindergarten to grade 12 program of studies provided by a treaty first nation under its own laws.


·         a parent has registered a child for home schooling;


·        a child is prevented from attending school by illness or other unavoidable cause (the Board of School Trustees [the “Board”] will continue, however, to provide such students with an educational program).




Exclusions for medical reasons are permitted under the School Act, Sec. 91.


Under Section 91 (2) and (3) if the School Medical Officer considers a student's health condition endangers the health or welfare of students or the employees of the Board, the School Medical officer must report the name of the student to the Board and the Board must promptly exclude from school the student whose health condition is reported by the School Medical Officer as being dangerous.  A student who is excluded under subsection (3) must not be permitted to return to school until a certificate is received signed by the School Medical Officer permitting the student to return to school.  


Under Section 91 (5) if a teacher, or administrator, or Director of Instruction suspects a student is suffering from a communicable disease (as defined by Vancouver Coastal Health Authority) or other physical, mental, or emotional condition that would endanger the health or welfare of the other students, the matter must be reported to the School Medical Officer and the student may be excluded from school attendance until a certificate is obtained for the student from the School Medical Officer, a private medical practitioner, or a private nurse practitioner. 

A student excluded for medical reasons shall continue to be provided with an educational program, as determined by the District’s Learning Services Division.

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