JGD: District Student Code of Conduct Policy

J: Students

The Board of Education (the “Board) is committed to fostering safe and caring schools that promote mutual respect, cooperation and social responsibility and support optimal learning. Our policies promote the creation and maintenance of safe, inclusive, equitable, welcoming and nurturing school environments.

Vancouver schools are inclusive environments which value all students and families regardless of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation, or gender identity/expression.

Schools have clear expectations of acceptable behavior set out in their School Codes of Conduct. We subscribe to the belief that schools are places where students are free from harm and places for students to form strong relationships.

We further believe that the effective management of student discipline, congruent with our philosophy, is a necessity to establish safe and caring environments that foster learning, school connectedness and healthy living. Prevention and intervention strategies applied at the school level and supported at the district level are the foundations of a safe and caring school in which students learn to solve problems in peaceful ways, to value diversity and to defend human rights.

We promote understanding and acceptance of the interactive roles required to achieve safe and caring schools and believe that responsibility for safe and caring schools is shared among many partners including the district, schools, students, parents/guardians, community groups, social agencies, Vancouver Coastal Health, the Ministry of Children and Family Development and the Vancouver Police Department and RCMP (at UBC).

DMT Responsibility: AS-FS

Cross References: 
JGD, ACB, AC/AC-R, AI/AI-R, VBE Bylaw No.2
Adopted Date: 
Tuesday June 07, 2016