JHC: Student Health Services and Requirement

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Under the School Act, the Board of School Trustees (the "Board") is required to make provision for school health services, in accordance with any orders made by the Minister of Health. The Minister will transfer funds annually to the Vancouver/Richmond Health Board for school health services. The Board may choose to contract for services from the Vancouver/Richmond Health Board over and above the levels provided by the Minister of Health. The school and health boards will foster and support collaboration at all levels and will advocate for the well-being of students, parents, and agency staff.

School Medical Officer

To provide for the health of students, the Minister of Health shall appoint medical health officer(s) as the school medical officer(s) for a school district. The school medical officer(s) has the primary responsibility for school health services. The school medical officer(s) is charged by law to “examine or cause examinations to be made as to the general health of students of the schools in the school district,” and is responsible for ensuring the district’s school buildings do not put the health or safety of students at risk. The school medical officer(s) is also responsible for communicable disease control and exclusions of students for medical reasons, and may require an employee or contractor to undergo an examination to ensure their physical, mental, or emotional health does not endanger thehealth and welfare of students.

School Health Program

The Superintendent of Schools or designates and the Medical Health Officer(s) of the Vancouver Coastal Health or designates will review annually and establish by the end of June the appropriate CHN staffing levels for the next school year.  On an individual school level, each community health nurse will plan with the school principal and staff for the school’s health needs and initiatives. The overall school health program will be maintained and enhanced through a designated Vancouver School Board-Vancouver Coastal Health committee structure.

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JEG: Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance; IGAE: Health Education
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