JHCD: Administering Medicines to Students

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Responsibility of School Personnel for Administering Medication and Treatment


  • In case of physical injury, it is an obligation of all school employees to administer assistance immediately to the best of their ability and to summon medical assistance.
  • The Vancouver School Board (VSB) /Vancouver Teachers' Federation (VTF) Collective Agreement states, in Article 7M, that teachers will not be required to administer medication or supervise the self-administration of medication, except in emergency situations.

Staff Responsibility/Liability

  • If medication is required while the student is attending school, the special education assistant, an administrative officer, or any person designated by him/her shall administer or supervise the self-administration of medication. The community health nurse will train the administrative officer and other designate by the administrative officer in the administration of medication or health care procedure, if required.
  • The majority of specialized health services or personal care needs of children with severe and multiple disabilities, such as the administration of pre-measured and prescribed medication, gastrotomy feeding, administration of routine oxygen, seizure management, and ostomy care, are carried out by special education assistants who have received post-basic, child-specific training from the in-school support team.
  • The VSB/VTF Collective Agreement also states, in Article 7M, that teachers shall not perform any medical or health care procedure that is liable to endanger the well-being of the student or other students, or subject the teacher to risk of injury or liability of negligence, except in an emergency situation.

All parents/guardians should be canvassed in September by letter or newsletter, with follow-up reminders, to complete or update the First Aid Emergency Record information, noting all medical conditions. It is imperative that this information is kept up to date at all times, in order to ensure the safety of students.

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Cross References: 
EBBA: First Aid
Adopted Date: 
Tuesday September 16, 1980
Revision Date: 
Aug 1990
Jan 1999