JHFA: Supervision of Students

J: Students

Under the School Regulation, the principal is responsible for administering and supervising the school, including the general conduct of students, both on school premises and during school-sponsored activities off school grounds.

Teachers must provide such assistance as is necessary for the supervision of students on school premises and at school functions whenever and wherever held.  The responsibility of the school does not end when a school function or activity ends.  The principal must ensure that students are supervised until they are all returned either to school or to a location sufficiently close to their homes that the surroundings would be familiar to them.

Further Responsibilities of the Teaching Staff

  • Each teacher is responsible for seeing that school activities are conducted in a suitable manner.  When instructions or directions for the safety of students in school are given, the age and ability of the students must be taken into account.  If there are any special categories of students to whom different standards would apply (such as physically or mentally disabled youngsters), special rules may be necessary. 
  • Students should be under the supervision of a member of the school staff at all reasonable times while they are in school or attending school functions. 
  • All dangerous conditions in the school should be reported at once to the principal of the school. 
  • Each teacher responsible for planning and participating in school-based field  studies must follow the supervision procedures outlined in the Vancouver Board of Education Field Studies Policy, File: IICA and IICA-R.
Cross References: 
IICA Field Studies; IICA-R1 Field Studies Regulation; VBE Field Studies Resource Book (2008
Adopted Date: 
Sunday October 18, 1992
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Aug 1990
Sep 1994
Jan 1999
Oct 2009