JL: Student Gifts and Solicitations

J: Students


There shall be no more than two money (or ‘kind’) collections in the schools in any school year.

In elementary schools, these two shall be decided by the staff council, preferably in consultation with the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).

In secondary schools, these two shall be decided jointly by the student council and the staff council.

All collections for funds for charitable or school activity purposes must be kept under full school control, and proper accounts shall be kept.

All participation in collections must be strictly voluntary, and no pressure for participation may be exerted on students. In order to avoid embarrassment to those who, for any reason, may be unable to participate, the giving of gifts, other than personal, inexpensive tokens of appreciation, to teachers and other school personnel will be discouraged.

DMT Responsibility: AS-M

Cross References: 
IGDF: Student Fund-Raising Activities; KI/KJ: Public Solicitation/Advertising in the Schools
Adopted Date: 
Thursday November 01, 1973
Revision Date: 
Oct 1982
Sep 1994