JO: Student Records

J: Students

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) maintains student records and information about students in order to provide appropriate instruction and educational services. The Superintendent of Schools, or his/her delegate, ensures the proper administration of student records in accordance with legislated requirements, as well as the need for appropriate, efficient, and confidential collection, disclosure, and retention of student information. The school principal is responsible for the administration of the records of students who are attending that school.

Access to student records is restricted. All student records maintained by the district are confidential, including individual addresses and telephone numbers. In keeping with the School Act, Sec. 9, a student and the parents or guardians (as defined in the “Interpretation” section of the Act) of a student of school age are entitled, on request and while accompanied by the principal or a person designated by the principal, to interpret the records, to examine all student records kept by a board pertaining to that student, and to receive a copy of any student record that they are entitled to examine. Pertinent information in these records is available to appropriate school board personnel on a need-to-know basis, in keeping with their professional responsibilities. In accordance with the School Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, students' records and personal information shall be maintained in a manner that meets the requirements of legislation, guards the confidentiality of information, and protects the privacy of students and their parents.

As required by the School Act,  Secs. 79 and 168 (2), and Ministerial Order M14/91, student records shall also be made available, with proper authorization, to a person planning for the delivery of, or delivering health, social, or support services to the student or to the Board's insurer to the extent necessary to meet any claims being made against the insurance provided to the Board by that insurer. Such records are released on the understanding that the person receiving such information shall not disclose it except for the purposes intended.

Note: Code JEDB contains the Board's policy on divulging a student's whereabouts to persons who make enquiries (unauthorized persons are not given any information about a student).

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JEDB: Student Dismissal Precautions
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Monday July 10, 1978
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Nov 1978
Oct 1982
Feb 1984
Aug 1990
Oct 2000