KGB-R: Public Conduct on School Property

K: School-Community Relations

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) authorizes the following person to demand that persons creating a disturbance leave the school premises:

  • teachers, as defined in the School Act;
  • building engineers, assistant building engineers, and head custodians;
  • associate superintendents - area;
  • administrators;
  • night school principals and vice-principals;
  • school liaison officers;
  • all operations group supervisors;
  • manager of operations and/or assistant(s) ;
  • community school co-ordinators;
  • staff assistants;
  • supervision aides

The School Act specifically authorizes administrators to require adequate assistance from a constable or peace officer to restore order on school premises.

The wording of the order to leave school lands or premises is as follows:

"Pursuant to Section 177 of the School Act, you,     name    , are hereby directed to immediately leave the lands and premises at this school and you are not to enter upon those lands and premises again before the     date     of     month      year  .  Failure to comply with this Order constitutes an offence under the School Act.  Do you fully understand what I have told you?"  or "Tell me what I have told you."

The length of the "stay away" order is at the discretion of the administrator and shall not exceed one calendar year.

Procedures Following the Warning


  • The name, address, telephone number (if possible) of the individual who was warned, as well as the date, time, and length of Section 177 warning shall be communicated to the operations manager for keeping of a central log of such warnings.
  • A letter will be sent to the intruder or his\her parent\guardian restating the verbal warning within one week of the offence.  Copies of this letter will be kept with the school and the operations manager (this will fulfil the requirements of the above procedure).
  • The school staff will be notified when a Section 177 warning has been issued.
  • When feasible, staff members will request intruders to take note of the posted warning, direct them to the office, and leave the matter to the school administration.

DMT Responsibility: D-FSS


Adopted Date: 
Monday November 20, 1989
Revision Date: 
Sep 1994
Jan 1999