KGE: Facilities Use by Community Education Programs

K: School-Community Relations

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) shall continue to provide Community Education Services programs, and no restrictions shall be placed upon programs offered by the Board other than those imposed by law and other than to avoid duplicating Vancouver Community College courses for which College certificates or diplomas are issued.

The facilities of the Board shall be made available to the College through the Board's Community Education Services Division (CES) on a co-operative basis similar to that extended to other institutions in Vancouver, and the cost of using all facilities shall be negotiated by the representatives of the two institutions.

Regular evaluation reports pertaining to the operation of community education programs shall be made to the Board by the Superintendent of Schools at intervals of no more than three years.

DMT Responsibility: D-CES

Cross References: 
KNAH: Relations with Parks Authorities
Adopted Date: 
Tuesday September 14, 1976
Revision Date: 
Aug 1990
Sep 1994