KL: Public Complaints (Section 11 Appeals)

K: School-Community Relations

Section 11 of the School Act guarantees that, where a decision of an employee of a board (or the failure of an employee to make a decision) significantly affects the education, health, or safety of a student, the parent/guardian of the student or the student may, within a reasonable time from the date that the parent/guardian or student was informed of the decision, appeal that decision to the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”).

The Board recognizes that most appeals of decisions are resolved at an early stage, usually at the classroom or school level. Should resolution not be reached, however, the Board supports a fair and reasonable appeals process that provides the appellant and the employee with a fair opportunity to be heard, and also provides the Board with sufficient information to make a sound determination on the appeal. The process allows for the Section 11 appeals to be heard by either the District Employee Decision Review Committee or the District Student Discipline Review Committee depending on the nature of the appeal. In order to respect the privacy of the parties, appeals will be dealt with as confidential matters; any Section 11 appeals heard by the Board will be heard in private session.

Since Section 11 appeals must be based on an employee decision, Board and district policies and procedures are not appealable under this procedure. The decision not to accept an appeal will be made by the Associate Superintendent - Area and the Superintendent of Schools. Appeals of board policies or procedures can be made to the Board through one of the Standing Committees (Committees I-V).

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JGF: Student Discipline Review Committee
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Thursday January 02, 1997
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Jan 1999