KMG-R: Sponsorships

K: School-Community

The Sponsorship Agreement

A sponsorship is a contractual agreement between a school(s) or the Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) and a community-based organization designed to benefit both parties. A sponsorship agreement is built around a specific program or service. Agreements for sponsorship should be in writing with a statement of expectation of both parties.  A copy of all written agreements shall be maintained on file by the Board.

Terms of Sponsorship Agreements

The following details shall be considered prior to establishing a sponsorship agreement:

  • the length of the agreement;
  • the commitment of the sponsors, if applicable;
  • the details of the specific promotion of the sponsors;
  • the nature of the rights of the sponsor;
  • the nature and product or service of the sponsor;
  • information about the sponsor’s history and ownership;
  • reason for the sponsor’s interest in the Board and/or the program/event around which the sponsor wishes to create a sponsorship agreement;
  • representatives of the company/organization with whom the Board and/or school(s) staff will work;
  • an estimate of the benefits or values accrued to the Board and/or school(s).


For the benefit of this policy only, the following definitions are provided:

advertisements: the provision of advertising space on behalf of a commercial concern in exchange for revenue or goods-in-kind; this should not be confused with the display of corporate logos as sponsorship recognition;

awards & scholarships: designated incentives established for student recognition;

charitable receipts: tax receipts to staff, parents, local businesses and other supporters for cash or contributions-in-kind, issued by the Board in certain situations, in accordance with Revenue Canada, to assist schools;

commercialism: an implied or explicit sales message, persuasion to buy a product or service, or other attempts to influence the purchasing decisions of students;

contributions-in-kind: the contribution of equipment and/or materials from a sponsor/donor;

donation/gift: a contribution or gift of services, cash, materials, or equipment to the school or Board for which there is no reciprocal consideration from the Board; a donation is given voluntarily;

exclusivity: a preferential arrangement with a sponsor for a specified period of time;

fund-raising: any solicitation for the purpose of obtaining funds, including proceeds from sales of various items;

lottery: a method of raising money for some public charitable purpose in which a large number of tickets are sold and a draw is held for prizes;

non-Board funds: all revenues and assets acquired by schools from other than Board budgets;

Partners in Education: this Board program is founded on the concept of mutual benefit wherein an enduring relationship evolves to provide advantages for other partners; the basis of a partnership is not financial --- rather, it is primarily an exchange of human and physical resources involving opportunities for student learning.

sponsorship: the provision of funds, price reductions, equipment, materials, or services in exchange for some form of exclusivity and/or recognition for a specified period of time;

trust fund: a fund established for a specific purpose through donation or bequest.


All sponsorship agreements in specific schools and/or areas will be discussed with the applicable Associate Superintendent - Area to determine if formal approval by the Associate Superintendent - Area is required.

All sponsorship agreements affecting the district as a whole, or that have district implications, will be discussed with and approved by the Superintendent of Schools who will also determine if approval by the Board is required.


  • All donations and sponsorships should be acknowledged with a thank-you letter;
  • Donations and sponsorships may be acknowledged at school assemblies, awards nights, graduation exercises, and in school newsletters;
  • Whenever possible, donors or sponsors should be provided with the opportunity to be involved in programs that they have supported;
  • Students may contribute towards acknowledging donors and sponsors;
  • Equipment donations may be acknowledged with a name plate affixed to the donated item;
  • Principals may wish to provide information to the communications co-ordinator for release to the community;
  • Staff committees should be involved in acknowledging and recognizing donations and sponsorships.

Termination of Sponsorship

The Board, the school, or the sponsor reserves the right to, for example, terminate an existing sponsorship agreement on reasonable notice or immediately if the termination is for breach of the agreement or other “just cause.”

DMT Responsibility: D-CES

Cross References: 
ABA-R-2: Community Involvement; DJ-R-1: Purchasing; IGD: Co-curricular and Extra Curricular Program; IGDFA: Fundraising; IIAD: Special Interest Material; IICA: Field Trips; KI/KJ: Advertising
Adopted Date: 
Monday July 05, 1999