KMG: Sponsorships

K: School-Community Relations


The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) supports and encourages the development of mutually beneficial relationships between the Board, schools, and the community, including business and non-business sectors, that are consistent with Board policies and regulations. All forms of support offered by the community to the Board shall be acknowledged appropriately and equitably. The Board affirms the position that, whenever possible and appropriate, school-based committees should be formed to co-ordinate the activities and relationships with the business or community organization.


To provide a general framework, the Board supports sponsorship agreements that:

  • enhance the quality and relevance of education for learners;
  • mutually benefit all parties consistent with these guidelines;
  • emphasize contributions of time, talent, and expertise but do not exclude financial support and contributions-in-kind;
  • provide opportunities for all parties to meet their social responsibilities toward education;
  • acknowledge and celebrate each party’s contributions through appropriate, non-commercial forms of recognition;
  • are consistent with the Board’s Mission Statement and Statements of Belief and policies;
  • are based on shared objectives and expectations;
  • provide resources to complement and not replace public funding for education;
  • mutually evaluate the relationship;
  • involve the Board, the principal, school staff, and parent advisory council, where appropriate, in the development of an agreement prior to implementation;
  • recognize and respect each other’s expertise;
  • identify clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all participants;
  • ensure that sponsored and donated materials meet Board standards; and
  • involve individual participants on a voluntary basis.

The Board will make every effort to ensure equity of partnership opportunities across the district.

Categories of Support

The Board supports the following sponsorships:

  • strategic/private sector alliances: the range of techniques used by the Board to involve the private sector in the financing and delivery of services, including franchise and concession arrangements, joint ventures, and innovative financing;
  • public/private partnerships: the private sector designing, building, and financing Board facilities;
  • rebates and contributions-in-kind from vendors as part of the tendering process, as well as using the Board’s purchasing power as leverage to gain financial benefits for the district;
  • contracts for the sale and distribution of products and services to staff and students in return for benefits, including financial support as well as the provision of sign boards, support for tournaments, scholarships, and services-in-kind; and
  • business logos and company names on school property and equipment in exchange for financial or support-in-kind, including the presence of business logos on materials and resources available/distributed to staff/schools.

Sponsorship Recognition


  • To ensure that all donors and sponsors, regardless of size of donation or sponsorship, are made aware that their participation is appreciated and recognized in a fitting manner.
  • To foster community involvement in education as well as to generate goodwill and continued support from the community.
  • To raise community awareness of the Board’s programs and school initiatives.
  • To provide donors/sponsors with opportunities for recognition and to create opportunities for individuals and businesses to affiliate publicly with the Board.

The Sponsorship Agreement

Sponsorship agreements are categorized as follows:

  • school-based: agreements involving one school;
  • area-based: agreements involving more than one school in an area; and
  • Board agreements: potentially involving all schools in the system.

DMT Responsibility: D-CES


Cross References: 
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Adopted Date: 
Monday July 05, 1999