KNAP: Relations with Vancouver Public Library

K: School-Community Relations

This statement of mutual expectations outlines and defines the roles of the Vancouver Public Library and the Vancouver School Board in providing library services for school age children and young adults.

General Statements

  • Every young person is entitled to the best library services possible and the services of professionally prepared staff in school and public libraries. Each agency provides these specialized personnel to the fullest extent possible.
  • Teacher-librarians and public librarians work to improve the extent and quality of use, by young people, of books and other resources including a variety of media and technology. Teacher librarians work with teachers and students to promote and improve voluntary reading and develop the language and learning skills of children and young adults through the instructional program of the school. The Vancouver School Board Library collections, including electronic resources, respond to the reading interest of students and the curricular demands of the Ministry of Education and individual school.
  • The Vancouver Public Library provides library materials for personal reading and to support the informational needs and interests of children and young adults. The Public Library supplements school resource centers and extends resources through digital media, but does not attempt to provide materials in quantities to meet assignments based on curriculum.  The Vancouver Public Library purchases curriculum material if the material is also of use to the general reader or if it can be used for informal self-education. It also provides Adult Basic Education materials, ESL materials and Multilingual collections.
  • The responsibilities of the teacher-librarian are listed in The Library Resource Centre Handbook.  The Vancouver Public Library has a statement on the role of the public library and children’s librarian.
  • Vancouver School Board provides information to teachers, parents and students about public library service options.  VSB supports the goal to ensure a VPL card for every VSB student by grade 4.

Program Development

Efforts will be made to develop and participate in collaborative programs for children, young adults and staffs at the school/branch and/or district/central level each year. 

The Vancouver Public Library and the Vancouver School Board work together to promote enjoyment of books and reading. The Vancouver Public Library provides materials, programs and reference service to supplement the school curriculum. The Central Library provides advanced reference material; branches provide digital access to many of these resources.  Students with public library cards also have access to many of the Public Library’s on-line resources. 

Both the Central and Branch Libraries provide tours, booktalks and reference workshops for school classes. 

Both VPL and VSB should be aware of the programs and should work together to promote them.

The Vancouver Public Library designates professional librarians with responsibilities for young adult and children’s services. The staff in the Children’s Library will respond to and arrange requested programs to complement work with Elementary School students; the Young Adult Librarian will arrange requested programs for Secondary School students. Children’s Librarians in the branches are responsible for services to both Elementary and Secondary schools in the library’s catchment area.

Program Implementation

  • Greater interaction between professionals in both agencies should lead to better understanding of roles, responsibilities and restraints.
  • The difficulties in meeting students’ assignment needs without benefit of advance notification or planning is best resolved through communication between the liaison librarian, the teacher-librarian and, if possible, the classroom teacher. Resources are available in the School Library Resource Centre, and students may be encouraged to seek information at the Public Library or through the Public Library’s on-line resources.
  • Summer school program and resource needs are met (as much as possible)  through summer school libraries staffed by professionally trained teacher-librarians.
  • At both the school/branch and district/central level, each agency will designate a liaison for information exchange and be vigilant in collaborating resources.  Newsletters, booklists, program outlines and dates will be exchanged on regular intervals.

Collection Development

  • The Vancouver School Board has a policy entitled “Library Materials/Selection and Adoption” (policy manual file: IIAC) and also a Learning Resources Policy. The Vancouver Public Library has a document entitled “Materials Selection Guidelines”.
  • Co-operative approaches to licensing of on-line information resources and reference collections will be coordinated.

Program Promotion

It is the responsibility of the Vancouver Public Library and the Vancouver School Board to make teachers aware of the services available from each agency.

Publicity should take place both at the school/branch and district/central levels as much as possible.

The Vancouver Public Library and Vancouver School Board jointly will determine the most effective way to advertise through the Vancouver School Board for programs that reflect continuing education.

The Vancouver Public Library and the Vancouver School Board provide display space for children’s art and other materials.


  • The Vancouver School Board provides a current list of all schools, principals and teacher-librarians each year, plus on-line access to relevant Curriculum Resources. The Vancouver Public Library provides a current list of all branches, Branch Heads and children’s librarians each year plus copies of relevant publications.
  • A VPL librarian and the teacher-librarian are encouraged to meet with the school staff and/or department heads at least once a year. This is a mutual responsibility on the part of both the Vancouver School Board and the Vancouver Public Library.
  • Difficulties should be dealt with at the school or branch level; general concerns should be addressed to the VPL/VSB Advisory Committee.

DMT Responsibility: AS-DLS

Adopted Date: 
Monday June 21, 2004
Revision Date: 
Jul 2005