KO: Volunteers in Schools

K: School-Community Relations

The Board believes that the education of students is a shared responsibility among its employees, parents and members of the community. The active involvement of volunteers has the potential to provide considerable benefit to students and enhance communication and positive relationships between the school and community.

While the Board encourages the use of volunteers in District schools, it expects that use of volunteers will be subject to all relevant provisions in legislation, including the School Act, (in particular, Section 76,(1),(2) – Conduct), collective agreements and other Board policies such as IGAC - Teaching About Religion.

DMT Responsibility: SUPT

Cross References: 
School Act Sec 76 (1)(2) IGAC Teaching About Religion IICA/IICA-R Field Studies VBE Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Students.
Adopted Date: 
Monday October 15, 2012