FFC-R-2: Naming or re-naming of a specific facility within an existing school facility

Section F: Facilities Development


The decision to name, re-name or give an official name to a specific facility or a part (such as a gym, music room, auditorium, etc.) within an existing school facility should be done in keeping with the history and cultural heritage of the school and community.  The naming (or re-naming) should also have an educational purpose and rationale.

The proposal to name or re-name a specific facility or part within an existing school facility can be initiated by the school administration, staff, students, and/or the Parent Advisory Council.  It must be thoroughly discussed by each of these groups prior to making an application to the appropriate Associate Superintendent for approval to name/re-name a specific facility

Names selected should:

-          Honour the historical and/or cultural heritage of the school and/or community; or

-          Recognize outstanding individuals; or

-          Be significant of the region or significant to the geography of the area; or

-          Names of individuals should only be used posthumously.

All naming proposals must be submitted by the school principal and must include:

1)      The suggested name;

2)      The space within the school to be named/re-named;

3)      The rationale for naming/re-naming or giving an official name to the specific facility (including an outline of the benefit to student learning);

4)      An overview of comments from administration, staff, students, and parents regarding the naming proposal; and

5)      Any additional information of relevance to the proposed naming, including signage.

The representative of the school community may be asked to make a verbal report to Senior Management regarding the naming/re-naming proposal.  The Board reserves the right to rescind any approved name at their discretion.

Adopted Date: 
Monday March 03, 2014