JFBB: Student Consultation at the School Board Level

J: Students

The Board of School Trustees (the “Board”) recognizes the importance of student participation and involvement in the decision-making process.

Consultation with students will be sought whenever possible concerning those matters deemed to have a direct impact on students and in those matters in which trustees express a need for student opinion.

Students are welcome to attend both Board meetings and meetings of the Standing Committees. The Board recognizes the Vancouver District Students’ Council and has invited them to provide one representative (and one alternate) for all Standing Committees. From time to time, the Board may also seek input from the Vancouver District Students’ Council on issues or agenda items which are deemed to be of particular interest to students and about which trustees express a need for student opinions.

DMT Responsibility: AS-M

Cross References: 
ABC: Student Involvement in Decision Making; BCE: Board Committees; JFBA: Student Government
Adopted Date: 
Monday February 20, 1984
Revision Date: 
Jan 1999
Sep 2000
Sep 2002