JEDB: Student Dismissal Precautions

J: Students

The school is responsible for the safety and adequate supervision of students from the moment they enter school property until the moment they leave school property at the end of the school day. For that reason, school personnel must at all times know precisely where students are and, if any student must leave school during the day for any reason, precautions must be taken to ensure that he/she is dismissed only for proper reasons and into proper hands.

Students will never be released from school on the basis of a  telephone call. Students will never be released into the hands of persons unknown to the school (that is, persons not listed on school records as being responsible, either as the parents, guardians, or the person who usually has the care and control of the student) without the specific written request from the parent and without identification on the part of the person collecting the student. Where the Ministry of Children and Families, through its social workers, has custody (interim, temporary, or continuing) of a student, it has the rights of a sole guardian.

If these precautions seem unnecessarily formal and may, in fact, at times cause some inconvenience to parents, it must be remembered that the safety of  students must be  the first concern.

Enquiries Regarding the Whereabouts Of Students

Unauthorized persons shall not be given any information about a student. If a  school administrator is in doubt about a request, the  Associate Superintendent - Area shall be consulted.

School Administrators may use the following guide when determining who has the rights of the “parent”.

School administrators are entitled to act on the information concerning guardianship, custody, and usual care and control of the child that is provided to the school by the parents at the time the student is enrolled until notice is received from one or other of the parents or the Director of Ministry of Children and Families that the situation has changed.  In this event, school administrators should request written confirmation of the change; that is, a copy of an order bearing a stamp from the court registry indicating the order has been registered with the court or a separation agreement signed by both parties to the agreement.

Alternate Contact

All parents are required to provide the school with an alternate name and telephone number  to contact in the event that parents are not available  when an emergency arises.

DMT Responsibility: AS-F

Cross References: 
JHF: Student Safety, also subcodes
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Thursday November 01, 1973
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Oct 1982
Aug 1990
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