French Immersion Frequently Asked Questions

What is the registration period for French Immersion (Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 6 Late Immersion)?

For Grade 1 and Grade 6, Registrations are accepted during office hours (9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.) between November 1 and January 31. Registration is not on a first-come, first-serve basis

For Kindergarten French Immersion Registration, Applicants must register at their neighbourhood catchment school first before registering for French Immersion. Please refer to

What happens if I register after the January 31 deadline?

Any registration, including siblings, received after the deadline will be added to the end of the waitlist that will be created from the draw. Late applicants will not be considered until after both the school’s in-catchment and the district Kindergarten and Grade 1 waitlist have been exhausted.

When will the draw be held?

Should a school receive more registrations for Kindergarten or Grade 1 or Grade 6 Late Immersion than the available spaces, a randomized, in-catchment school draw will be held following the deadline for registration..

Our family has twins. How will this situation be addressed in the draw?

Where a family has twins, only one ballot will be entered into the draw. If drawn, both children will be offered places in the program.

When will families be notified about the results of the draw?

At this time, there is no firm date. However, once the date is finalized, parents will receive notification by email of their status: an offer of a space in Kindergarten or Grade 1 or Grade 6 Late Immersion or the child’s position on the school waitlist. If you have not been contacted, please call the school administrator.

Does a family have to formally accept a position, and if so in what time frame?

Depending on the closing date, families will have a fixed time to confirm their acceptance of the space in Kindergarten or Grade 1 or Grade 6 Late Immersion. After that time unclaimed spaces, or those that later become available, will be offered to those on the waitlist.

Should I register my child in the regular Kindergarten program while we wait to see if we have space in French Immersion?

Parents are required to first register their child in their regular catchment English school between November 1, and January 31 even if they do not intend or prefer to attend there. Children who do not receive a placement in French Immersion would therefore attend English kindergarten at their neighbourhood school unless they have been accepted elsewhere.

The space will first be offered in draw order to families on the in-catchment waitlist who registered within the registration date.

What happens if a Kindergarten space becomes available at a French Immersion school during the school year?

Consideration for the space(s) will be open to other students in the following priority order:

  • in-catchment registrants on the school's waitlist (by waitlist order number)
  • in-catchment registrants who applied after the January 31st deadline (by application date)
  • cross-boundary registrants (by proximity to the school)
  • non-Vancouver residents (by proximity to the school)

For how long do waitlists apply?

Grade 1 waitlists apply until the waitlist is exhausted but if not, they will be dissolved on the last day of September.

Grade 6 Late Immersion waitlists will be dissolved at the end of the second school week in September.

In-catchment Kindergarten waitlists will be dissolved at the end of June.  Families interested in French Immersion but still on a school's Kindergarten waitlist at the end of the year will need to reapply for Grade 1 within the registration period set for the child’s grade 1 school year (Nov 1 - Jan 31 of the year the child is in kindergarten).

If I am going to be moving to Vancouver, can I register for the French Immersion catchment school where I intend to live?

No. You must be a resident in the catchment area at the time of registration (November 1- January 31) in order to apply for a space for the following September. 

How do I find out in which catchment area I live?

Use the School Locator tool to look up your French Immersion catchment school

Can I apply cross-boundary to another school after the registration deadline?

Parents may apply cross-boundary to another school, but these applications will only be considered after all in-catchment applicants have been placed.

My child was waitlisted to attend the French Immersion Kindergarten at his/her catchment school. Subsequently, he/she accepted a spot in another French Immersion program in Vancouver. How can my child return to the French Immersion school in his/her catchment area?

Schools may accept those students into their schools if and when spaces become available, but it is up to the parents to contact the school during the following year’s registration period to inquire.

My spouse and I are separated and arrangements have been made for our child to live with one parent on alternate days/weeks. Is my child entitled to complete an in-catchment registration at two different French Immersion programs??

No, a student can only have one catchment school. Parents need to determine which school will be their catchment school and may apply cross-boundary to other French Immersion programs.

My child was born outside of Canada. How can I register him/her for French Immersion?

Students born outside Canada must first register with their parent or legal guardian at the District Reception and Placement Centre (DRPC) before they can be accepted into the French Immersion program. After completing registration at DRPC, parents must then follow the procedures for French Immersion Registration.

Can parents/legal guardians register by telephone, fax or e-mail?

The District Reception and Placement Centre and schools do not accept school applications by telephone, fax or e-mail (other than the mid-January on-line Kindergarten Choice Program Application) as staff need to verify authenticity of documentation. Documents that are written in a foreign language need to be translated into English. Any missing documents delay the processing time for your file.