French Immersion Registration Process

Note: June 7, 2017 Letter to Parents/Guardians of Early French Immersion Student Regarding Long Term Plan for French Immersion Programming

French Immersion Registration Schedule for Kindergarten Entry

First school day of November

Kindergarten Registration opens. French Immersion Kindergarten applicants are to first register at their neighbourhood English school (even if they do not intend to attend there) and register on line for French Immersion in January.

Completed registrations must be accompanied by verification of the student's original birth certificate, immunization records, parents' immigration/citizenship documentation and proof of catchment area residency.  Children who turn 5 years old by December 31 of the year of entry are eligible to enter Kindergarten. 

Grade 1 Early French Immersion and Grade 6 Late French Immersion Application: Apply directly to your in-catchment French Immersion school. Application form can be found here.

Early January

Parents access the Personal Education Number for their child via the K-Choice Program Application website or by contacting their catchment school. 


Information sessions held at all French Immersion sites including Late French Immersion. Check our Schedule.

Early February

On-line application for French Immersion Kindergarten closes.

If there are more applicants than spaces available, a District draw for Kindergarten Choice Programs will be held for all Kindergarten and Grade 6 Late French Immersion applicants. 

Mid February

Families receive notification via email of their status (an offer of a space in Kindergarten or Grade 6 Late Immersion)  or the child’s position on the school waitlist.

Families have until 3:00 p.m. of the specified date to confirm their acceptance of the space in French Immersion Kindergarten or  Grade 6 Late Immersion.

Mid Feburary onwards

Unclaimed spaces are offered to those on the school French Immersion waitlists. French Immersion schools will inform English catchment schools of accepted French Immersion students in French Immersion Kindergarten and Grade 6 Late French Immersion and that these students will forfeit their spot at any other school.

End of second week of September

Last starting date for students new to Grade 6 Late French Immersion. No new students accepted after this time. Any remaining waitlists are dissolved.

Last school day of September

Last starting date for students new to Grade 1 Early French Immersion. No new students accepted after this time. Any remaining waitlists are dissolved.

End of June

Any remaining Kindergarten waitlists are dissolved and familes apply for grade one if interested.

Grade 1 French Immersion Application

Students who did not attend French Immersion Kindergarten and are are new to French Immersion may enter Frech Immersion at Grade One. Students are to apply directly at their French Immersion school. Application forms : Application Form

Please note: Students who were previously on a waitlist for Kindergarten and are still interested in French Immersion must reapply for grade one.

Late French Immersion Application

Students in Grade 5 may apply for admission to Grade 6 French Immersion. Students are to apply directly at their in-catchment Late French Immersion School (General Gordon or Laura Secord). Application forms are available Application Form . In addition, a copy of the most recent Grade 5 report card and a statement of commitment from the student must be attached.  Please note that due to the nature and pace of the program, students will not be admitted to the Late French Immersion program after the second week of instruction. 


All French Immersion program placements are based on availability of space and facilities.

For programs where there are fewer spaces than the number of applicants the district will conduct a draw.

Program placements will be offered according to the following priorities

1. Siblings of a student continuing in the program who resides in the catchment (Vancouver).

2. Students who reside within the priority registration zone.

3. Students who reside within the catchment (Vancouver) and outside the priority registration zone.

4. Students who live outside the catchment (Vancouver).


Transportation to the French Immersion school of choice is the parents' responsibility.

Students born outside of Canada

Please refer to the District Reception and Placement Centre page. 

Students currently enrolled in French Immersion

K-12 French Immersion students currently enrolled in French Immersion in another District who wish to enrol in a Vancouver school will only be offered a placement if space is available at the appropriate grade level.


Do you have a question about the French Immersion Program within the VSB?
Read through our French Immersion FAQ.

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