Get help with homework

Homework is an essential part of the learning process. To succeed, it’s important that students understand the benefits of doing homework.

How does homework help you?

Research shows that children who spend more time on homework, on average, do better in school. Homework:

  • Teaches responsibility–Doing homework every day at the same time helps students develop responsibility and prepares them for adulthood.
  • Provides reinforcement–Helps students understand that learning doesn't stop when the school bell rings.
  • Boosts self-esteem–Students learn self-esteem by completing assignments on time and by being prepared for school.
  • Leads to accomplishments–Taking pride in homework assignments help students experience the satisfaction of a job well done.


Here are a variety of websites that students can use to get help with their homework:

digital library

VSB’s digital library includes reviewed, reliable and credible homework information for kids and teens.

Young students can access fun databases including Scholastic's BookFlix, Searchasaurus, Starfall and World Book Kids. Read a book online, play games or get information to help with your homework assignments.

Older students can access research databases including academic journals, magazines and read local newspapers.

Note: A password is required to access most of these research sites. Please contact your school librarian to get the log-in information.

vancouver public library

For over 100 years Vancouver Public Library has played a key role in our community. As the busiest library in British Columbia, they are not only a cornerstone for Vancouver's neighbourhoods – they connect people to each other and a world of information and literacy.

Please note that some of the online resource databases require a VPL library card and PIN. Visit your local library to get your FREE library card.

  • VPL’s teen's website features homework help, events for teens and workshops.