How parents can solve a concern at school

Most concerns at schools can be solved through meeting with teachers and if necessary principals and vice-principals at school.

See the VSB Conflict Resolution Process for School-Based Concerns (pdf) to see the process that parents/guardians should follow.

The Vancouver School Board recognizes and respects the fact that parents/guardians and/or students may sometimes strongly disagree with decisions made by school employees. In this rare case a formal appeal process may be launched but only when an attempt has been made to resolve the issues at school.

A formal appeal must involve decisions that significantly affect the health, education or safety of a child at school.  Examples of this type of decisions are:

  • disciplinary suspension from school for more than five (5) consecutive instructional days;
  • the transfer of a student from one school to another for disciplinary reasons;
  • the exclusion of a student from school for a health condition;
  • significant decisions regarding placement in an educational program (classroom preference issues would be included in this category only in exceptional circumstances);
  • grade promotion or graduation;
  • refusal to offer an education program to a non-graduated student sixteen (16) years of age or older.

More information on filing a formal appeal: