Cross-Boundary Application Process

Cross Boundary

Parents may apply cross boundary to another school, but these applications will only be considered after all in-catchment applicants have been placed. Vancouver schools will accept cross boundary applications from February 1 to 28. 

Families wishing to apply cross boundary must complete an Application for Cross Boundary Enrollment, which can be picked up at their neighborhood school.  Families may choose to apply to more than one school through the cross-boundary process, and the form requires families to list all schools where an application has been submitted. Each individual Application for Cross Boundary Enrollment is submitted directly to the school of choice.

If space and facilities are available, cross boundary applications will be accepted in the following priority:

  • Siblings (when other siblings are attending the school concurrently)
  • Students enrolled in on-site childcare programs, or whose childcare needs are provided within the attendance area (K to grade 7 only)
  • Students whose residence falls within the attendance areas of other Vancouver schools
  • Students whose residence falls outside the Vancouver School District

Please Note: Application for Cross Boundary Enrollment  will no longer be accepted based upon time and date of receipt at the school. In the event that there are more applicants than available space, within the existing priority categories (siblings, daycare, in district, out of district), a random draw will be held.  

Applicants will be made aware of their status by end of March.

Waitlists for unsuccessful cross boundary students will be maintained until September 30.

The deadline for a school to receive an Application for Cross Boundary Enrollment  is February 28. 

After March 1, families may submit a Late Cross Boundary Application Form. These will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis and will be contingent upon available space (physical space, resources, staffing, educational programs) after all applications received from the month of February have been fully considered.