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City School Vancouver

City School is innovative program connected to District Learning Services. We offer a dogwood track program with an emphasis on flexible learning for students in grades 10, 11, and 12. Our program is a safe space for students who are wanting to explore identity, creativity, and community interaction. The purpose of City School is to utilize our city spaces in learning. It is a collection of academic time, group activities, field trips, and independent projects. With support, students learn through a variety of modalities to express themselves while exploring their interests for life after high school. The goal of City School is to allow students to be in control of their own learning and engage with their communities.


Types of students that would be relevant for City School:

  1. City School is intended for students with R, H, or Q designations. 
  2. Students with internalizing behaviours. 
  3. Students who struggle with school attendance. 
  4. Students who need flexible daily schedule to allow for more sleep. 
  5. Artistic-driven students who can work independently. 
  6. Members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.
  7. Students who are navigating social anxiety.


City School does not modify the curriculum but will make adaptions based on needs and IEPs. Students who are not on track for a dogwood would be referred to a separate program. City School functions like a school with teacher-led instruction and lessons. The expectation is that students are here to learn and gain an education that is aligned to the BC Curriculum. 


City School has one teacher and one Youth + Family Worker. We have access to King George’s school counsellors, a SACY worker, a safe and caring school liaison, a community interactions liaison, and a clinician. Any external support needed can be arranged through any of the above.


Our hours for the school year of 2023/2024 will be 11:00am start time with a 4:00pm end time. Any students needing lunch can sign up for the free school lunch program. We provide ample breaks and a 45-minute lunch for students. 


All grades are based on an assessment scale that can be translated into a percentage for final reporting. The assessment scale recognizes that students learn and gain skill at different paces and learning is fluid. Students interested in post-secondary studies will have percentage grades available for applications. 


Any questions regarding the program? Please contact the program teacher: Shanna Albrecht at the City School phone number: 604-713-5816 or by email: 

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