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City School Vancouver

Program Description

City School is a Dogwood-track Learning Support program with an emphasis on flexible learning for students in grades 10, 11, and 12. City School offers a protective setting for students in need of support around self-regulation, anxiety, and consistent school attendance. Students may also have academic support needs.

Curriculum Emphasis 

-   academic course work,

 -  group activities,

 -  field trips,

 -  independent project-based learning 

Student Profile:

  1. Grades 10-12 students with Q, Q/R or Q/H designations who have the capacity to and commitment to earn Dogwood credits, with adaptations as needed and necessary.
  2. Students who struggle with school attendance. Attendance records indicate 10% to 30% school absenteeism.
  3. Students may demonstrate internalizing behaviours, such as anxiety. 

Referral Process: 

District Case Manager, Learning Support 

Documentation Required:

-  Request for Special Ed Program Placement (triplicate)

-  Psych Ed assessment

-  Recent academic assessment

-  Last two report cards

-  Last two years of SBT minutes. 

Capacity and Staffing: 

1 teacher 

1 Youth and Family Worker

15 students 

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