About the Program

Tim (Attila the Hun) mentored Alan (Napoleon) as he studied great leaders in history. "They had a lot of fun doing it." ~ Alan's parent

Do you have a talent or interest you could share with a motivated student?

What is a mentor?

A mentor is an experienced person who volunteers to provide guidance and support in a variety of ways by being a role model, guide, tutor, coach or confidante to a less experienced person

Who is involved?

Gifted and/or talented elementary school students in grades 4-7, ages 9-13, who have shown a keen interest in a specific area they want to explore further are matched with a person with expertise and interest in the same area.  The area of interest is one that is not readily available in the school or community.  Students are from various public schools within the Vancouver District.

How much time is involved?

Mentors are asked to commit to a minimum of 10 hours working directly with the student(s). Scheduling is flexible and should be completed by the end of June.

What do mentors do?

Activities are driven by topic of interest.  Mentors can be involved with students in a variety of ways: working with an individual or a small group;developing a project for performance or display; introducing youngsters to new career paths or leading them in new directions; doing hands-on projects or exploring thoughts and ideas;accompanying students on field trips or to places of interest.  Mentorships may include expanding the student's knowledge and skills by introducing him or her to other like-minded people or to resources or places relevant to their shared interest. Mentors assist the students with making and sharing their product.

Why should I be a mentor?

Mentors make an impact on a young person's life.  They share their area of interest with someone who wants to know m
ore about it, making the mentor a bit of a hero.  It is an opportunity to be a role model for youth.  The mentor's own creativity is stimulated through exposure to the student's enthusiasm and new perspectives.  References may be provided after 10 successful  volunteer hours.  The Vancouver School Board recognizes the contributions of mentors with a certificate and a public thank you at the year end Celebration.

Where does mentorship take place?

Mentors and students meet at business sites, the school or other mutually convenient locations in the community.

How are students selected?

Motivated, talented students who have demonstrated a keen interest in a suitable area may apply for a mentor. VSB schools apply for students participation.

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Check out UBC Faculty of Education's "Down the Hall - Radio EPLT" eplt.podbean.com for an interview on mentorship.

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