Message from the Coordinator

T. Milden 

Teresa Milden, Coordinator

In Korea, there is a legend about a native warrior who died and went to heaven.  “Before I enter,” he said to the gatekeeper, “I would like you to take me on a tour of hell.”

The gatekeeper found a guide to take the warrior to hell.  When they got there, the warrior was astonished to see a great table piled high with every tasty food he could imagine – anything one could possibly want to eat or drink. The warrior then looked at the people.  They were all starving. 

“ How could this be?” he asked the guide.  “Are they not allowed to eat?”

“Oh, yes, they can eat, “ said the guide “but they must use the chopsticks they are given.  They are five feet long and they must hold them at the end.  Just look at them.  They miss their mouths every time!”

“Enough!” said the warrior, “This is hell, indeed! Please take me back to heaven.”

In heaven, to his surprise, he saw a similar room with a similar table loaded with all the same food.  But, the people were in radiant health, happy and well nourished.  The warrior turned to the guide and said, “I see – no chopsticks here?”

The guide replied that, yes, the people were still issued chopsticks and, yes, they were still five feet long and that they still must be held at the end - but the difference was that in heaven the people learned to feed each other. 

~ Unknown

Well, I must work in heaven.  I have witnessed a tantalizing smorgasbord of mentorships over the years.  I have seen mentors feeding our students with knowledge, opportunities, kindness, patience and role modeling.  I have seen the mentees grow healthier and happier knowing that someone cares about them and shares their passion.  I thank all those mentors who volunteered to feed the students with the five-foot long chopsticks. It has been a pleasure to watch the mentees blossom and grow in self-esteem because someone helped them in their area of passion.

~ Teresa Milden


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