Ayelet and EthanAyelet and Ethan relax after his public reading downtown.

"I ... enjoyed sharing my passion and knowledge, and work with someone who reminded me of myself as a child. I know I would have benefited from such mentorship in my youth." ~ Ayelet 

"It has been a wonderful journey that my son has had an opportunity to travel on...along the way, he's met so many other writers, made some additional contacts and now has a lifelong friendship with his mentor." ~ Ethan's mother

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Important Dates:



Parents whose child(ren) have been accepted into the mentorship program are required to attend an information session.


All students accepted into the mentorship program must attend one training session. 

Parental Assistance

Mentorship is a complex, challenging and highly rewarding kind of learning experience. In order for a student to make the most of a mentorship opportunity it is important that both the parent and the student develop a clear understanding of the program. Parental support is critical to the success of a student’s mentorship.  Parents are expected to offer assistance in many ways, including the following:

  • assist with completing the Student Application Form;
  • ensure the student has time to be involved in a mentorship;
  • ensure the student collects evidence of his/her passionate interest and brings it to the interview;           
  • take student to arranged meetings;
  • make arrangements with the mentor;
  • follow up with mentor re: meeting times/locations to avoid misunderstandings;               
  • discuss the mentorship with student in depth initially and thereafter on a regular basis;            
  • provide support materials and cover related cost items (Please advise your school principal if you require financial support for mentorship expenses.);
  • facilitate the mentorship e.g. offering your home for meetings, driving mentor;                            
  • provide assistance to student as project/product is developed;
  • discuss the value of the mentorship relationship with student and demonstrate appreciation for the mentor’s time and expertise;
  • encourage student’s engagement with the mentor through discussion of possible questions, the importance of listening and the student’s active participation in the mentorship relationship;
  • assist the student with requirements of the program e.g. 2nd meeting report, thank you speech for the Mentorship Celebration and with thank you letters;
  • ensure the student attends the Mentorship Celebration;
  • recognize that critical learning occurs between the mentor and the student;
  • refer to program coordinator when there are questions about the mentorship or its direction;                   
  • attend the mandatory information meeting for parents.
  • help with food requests for events


The following links may be of interest to parents:

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"Down the Hall - Radio EPLT" an interview about the VSB's mentorship program.

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Canadian information on resources for gifted children.

Hoagies Gifted Page:

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Gifted Development Centre:

Dr. Linda silverman

The Davidson Institute for Talent Development:

Extensive resources for highly gifted students (and their parents)

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG):

Focuses primarily on the adults (parents, educators,etc.) in the lives fo gifted children. SENG provides information on identification, guidance, and effecive ways to live and work with gifted individuals.

The Association for the Gifted (TAG):

Organized in 1958 by the Council for Exceptional Children, helps professionals and parents work with gifted children.

Johns Hopkins' magazine for gifted students:

For students interested in math problem solving:

For students interested in creative writing:

SURVEY FOR PARENTS will be live May 22

Aarona and Christine (mentor) “Aarona sold her comics.  All profits are being donated to literacy programmes run by the VPL.” ~ Aarona's parent

“Jeremy (mentor) and Tyler working on the comic book. Tyler really enjoyed his project with Jeremy.” ~ Tyler’s parent

Marine Engineering - "Doug (mentor) has taught Edward how to use several tools. Doug is supervising Edward's drilling." ~ Edward's parent  
Leadership/Politics - Carol (mentor) and Vivian