Please note that the mentorship program is on hold until the coordinator returns from leave in January 2014.


Meiii and HeatherMeili and Heather ~ Creative Writing

On benefits: "Encouraging someone in a subject I love. Watching a talent grow. Getting to know the mentee and family." ~ Heather

"I really enjoyed the mentorship, but I think my highlight was when I presented my final topic at my private sharing. My parents and the visitors really liked what I have accomplished." ~ Meili

Shool support is invaluable. Thank you for supporting your students in the Making Contact Mentorship Program.


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Applications are due by April 29, 2016 for mentorships occurring during the 2016-17 school year.




  • intermediate grade (4-7)

Students with several of these characteristics tend to make good candidates for mentorships:


  • Demonstrated passion with active involvement in an area not addressed by the school, home or community, or there is a reason why the student cannot access those opportunities.
  • Has a need for a mentor and goals for the mentorship.
  • Sustained curiosity, interest and commitment to an area of consuming interest.
  • Has out of school time for a mentorship.
  • Desires to work with a more experienced person in a particular field of interest.
  • Prepared to work both with the mentor as well as independently.
  • Finds creative tasks stimulating.
  • Possesses good communication skills both in asking questions and in listening to ideas, and is courteous.
  • Extensive vocabulary in field of interest.
  • Ability to focus and exert extended effort on tasks of personal interest.
  • Satisfactory communication skills with adults.
  • Receptive to new ways of learning.
  • Displays personal sense of responsibility and autonomy.
  • Knows or will learn process and methodological ski

APPLICATION FORMS: Hard copies are available from the Gifted Ed Contact person at your school who will send in the application.


The form is also available online and is sent in by the Gifted Ed Contact person:

Go to myVSB Portal and follow the links to District Resources > Curriculum & Educational Support > Gifted Education >Shared Documents > Gifted Ed Handbook > Mentorship



At Private Sharing: Fiona, Teresa Milden (coordinator) and Jackie (mentor) ~ Environmental Science “Fiona and Jackie show off their locally hand-made, environmentally friendly, sustainable toys.”


 Cheryl (mentor) and Jordan ~ computer programming

"This mentorship had many benefits for me. First and foremost I now have a knowledge of C++. Second I have gained a powerful tool for presentations; my product." ~ Jordan

"I enjoyed mentoring him and tried to stump him a few times with some programming issues that came up." ~ Cheryl