Mentorship program

mentorship program

Mentorship program

"The Montessori method is not a closed system, discovered once and for all, henceforth to be applied unchangingly.  It is continually growing like a living thing, growing in depth, richness and variety.  Those who studied it forty, twenty, or even ten years ago would be surprised to find how much more there is now than there was then.  This applies not only with respect to the wider application of its principles, but also with regard to the depth of these principles themselves.  The more one studies them, the more one finds in them to study.

The reason for this is twofold. In the first place, the principles, based on the profound and secret forces of life are as limitless as life itself; and secondly, on account of the extraordinary genius of the founder of the system."

E.M. Standing.
The Montessori Method: A Revolution in Education

Elementary I-II Mentorship Program

This two year program includes action based research projects that incorporate extensive study and practical experience under the supervision of an experienced Montessori teacher trainer for teachers who have an elementary Montessori credential.

VBE Montessori teacher trainers are recognized for their active involvement within the Montessori community.  They bring a broad array of expertise; knowledge and skills to help those who are interested in becoming future VBE Montessori Foundation and Elementary Credential Program Instructors or are just interested in deepening their understanding of Montessori pedagogy within a supportive learning community open to exploring current research, best teaching practices, as well as paradigm shifts in education.


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