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Congratulations to this year’s VSB Administrator Recognition Scholarship recipients!

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It’s scholarship season! This summer, we’re celebrating many outstanding achievements from students and staff throughout the Vancouver School District. From scholarship winners to awards, and recognitions – many have gone above and beyond this past school year! Today, we are highlighting two recipients that won the VSB’s $2,500 Administrators Recognition Scholarship:

Sophia Yang, Grade 12 student at Prince of Wales was one of two recipients from this year’s administrator recognition scholarship. Yang shared in her scholarship submission that she felt inspired by the support received from vice-principal, David Cacchioni. With Cacchioni’s help, Yang was able to bring her ideas to life to make a bigger impact at school.

As the multi-cultural representative on student council, Yang was passionate about promoting cultural diversity and addressing the barriers that International and Indigenous students may face. “One of the most fulfilling moments during high school was when my school leadership class told me they were interested in continuing to raise Indigenous awareness even after I graduate,” says Yang.

From engaging with the International student community to hosting Indigenous-focused events, Yang feels grateful on what she has accomplished in her final year at Prince of Wales. “Thanks to Mr. Cacchioni’s help, I was able to reach and connect with so many students on a wider scale.”

Rachel Dong, Grade 12 student at Eric Hamber was another recipient from this year’s administrator recognition scholarship. In her scholarship submission, Dong shared she has looked up to her school principal, Marea Jensen for her passion to make the school community a better place. Back in April, Jensen encouraged Dong to host the 10th annual VSB Sustainability Conference to empower the school’s next generation of climate justice leaders. “Ms. Jensen was open-minded and beyond enthusiastic when I proposed the idea to host the conference at Hamber,” says Dong. “Because she was there in every way, I was able to lead with innovation, inspiration and perseverance,” adds Dong. 

With Jensen’s unwavering support, Dong says she wholeheartedly believes Jensen is a role model who has been integral to her growth as a young leader. “I am continuously inspired by Ms. Jensen’s commitment and leadership to student success,” says Dong. “I have worked hard to match her devotion by fostering a school community that is inclusive and sustainable.”

Congratulations to this year’s VSB Administrators Recognition Scholarship winners Sophia and Rachel! We wish you the very best as you continue with your education journeys.

Stay tuned for our next story on VSB’s Teacher Recognition Scholarship recipients.

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