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Continued learning from home

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As staff work to support students and their families throughout the COVID-19 response, the Vancouver School District has been focusing on two key areas this week, which will help to cover some of the basic needs of those in our school communities.

One of the main priorities has been feeding our most vulnerable students. The other has been planning for the care of health professionals' and first responders' children, with the knowledge of how paramount this work is.

In addition this week, superintendent of schools Suzanne Hoffman explains that "School principals have connected with their school-based staff teams. And, teachers have started to reach out to their students. It is inspiring to see what can happen when our community comes together."

Staff at the District have also been working continuously on plans for learning in the circumstances we are faced with. "This work will vary by school, from teacher-to-teacher, the ages of your children and their learning needs, and each child's access to technology," shares Hoffman.

On the District's continuity of learning web page, there are details of curriculum focus for particular age groups as well as resources for teachers, parents, caregivers, and students. These resources are intended to be used in addition to the work provided by teachers. This continuity of learning hub will grow in the coming weeks as information and resources are added.

As the District moves forward, plans will continue to reflect the notions of:

  • learning together – the partnering of families and educators
  • learning in a new space – the idea that this is a journey with many pathways, of curiosity and exploration
  • learning for all – the fact this is an opportunity for engagement and connections for all students.

The District is also mindful that not all students will have the same access to educational resources, and is committed to ensuring no child will be neglected. Teachers are reaching out to students and families to understand their needs.

"As we collectively move forward with your child's – and our own learning – we need to remember that there will be multiple pathways to success. There is no one-size-fits-all plan for children or for teachers," Hoffman says. "The District will ask staff to go forward, one step at a time, and begin to address the educational needs of your children."

Staff at the District deeply value the partnership with parents and caregivers, and are moving forward committed to working together to guide students through this part of their educational journey.

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