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Congratulations to this year’s VSB Teacher Recognition Scholarship recipients!

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It’s scholarship season! This summer, we’re celebrating many outstanding achievements from students and staff throughout the Vancouver School District. From scholarship winners to awards, and recognitions – many have gone above and beyond this past school year! Today, we are highlighting two recipients that won the VSB’s $2,500 Teacher Recognition Scholarship:

Ferris Kerr, Grade 12 student at Templeton Secondary was one of two recipients from this year’s Teacher Recognition Scholarship. Kerr is passionate about photography, and thanks to their teacher Mrs. Sawatsky, they built a professional portfolio that reached new heights.

For a photography project, Kerr took photos of plastic materials in a forest to illustrate the damaging affects that pollution has on the environment. With Sawatsky support, Kerr’s photos ended up on the Capture Photography Festival website, where famous artists throughout BC showcase their work. 

“Ms. Sawatsky has shown me continuous support and cultivated unrestricted learning throughout my five years in her classroom,” Kerr shares . “She is a teacher who’s compassionate on my hard days and pushes me on the better ones.”

After receiving this year’s Teacher Recognition Scholarship, Kerr feels proud on what they have accomplished as a graduate of Templeton Secondary. In the fall, they plan to pursue their love for photography and environmental studies at Dalhousie University.

Another recipient from this year’s Teacher Recognition Scholarship is Nghi Nguyen, Grade 12 graduate of Gladstone Secondary. Throughout high school, Nguyen felt inspired by their culinary arts teacher, Chef Ruth Inglis for their commitment to promoting inclusive spaces for students.

Back in January, Nguyen started a Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) to increase visibility and support for the 2SLGBTQ+ community at Gladstone. Nguyen organized projects and events to share 2SLGBTQ+ resources with students and even painted the stairs at the from of the school in rainbow colours.

With Chef Inglis’ guidance, Nguyen says they truly had the power to create change. “When I graduate, the staircase painted in rainbow, the teacher sponsors, and the younger members of [the GSA] will stay and, hopefully, continue its legacy, forever allowing students who attend Gladstone a positive and safe space to discover themselves.”

Congratulations to this year’s VSB Teacher Recognition Scholarship winners Ferris and Nghi! We wish you the very best as you continue with your education journeys.

Stay tuned for our next story on VSB’s Support Workers Recognition Scholarship recipients.

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