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VSB Sustainability Grants are back!

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As a school district, we recognize the need for a greater focus on the educational aspects of sustainability such as connecting students to the natural world, empowering personal action and supporting critical thinking of all learners. 

VSB’s sustainability grants provide an opportunity for students and staff to share innovative ideas – big and small – on how to improve and enhance sustainability initiatives at school and in the community. The sustainability grants also offer a platform for students and staff to take action on the sustainability issues and values important to them and helps inform the District of the areas that are in need of support.

The sustainability grants have left an undoubtedly positive impact in schools. Last year, students and educators from 14 secondary schools and 36 elementary schools received over $31,000 that went towards a variety of projects to improve sustainability initiatives in schools, including the new specialty recycling program at David Thompson Secondary. 

Available to both elementary and secondary schools, the sustainability grants are allocated on a one-per-school basis. There are $500 grants for teacher-led projects at elementary schools and $1000 grants for student-led projects at secondary schools (guided by a teacher sponsor). Eligibility requirements include a project scope that should incorporate one of five key themes from the District’s Environmental Sustainability Plan, including:

  • Education: fosters a connection to the natural world and supports learning initiatives that develop environmentally conscientious citizens. 
  • Green Spaces: supports outdoor-focused spaces and activities at school sites.  
  • Transportation: supports active and low-carbon transportation choices for school communities.  
  • Resource, Conservation and Climate Change: reduces energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of resources and waste. 
  • Leadership: builds relationships and leads by example. 

The District looks forward to seeing the new and creative projects that improve sustainability initiatives at school. Looking for inspiration? Students and staff can view a list of the projects funded by the sustainability grants last year in the 2021-2022 Sustainability Grant Summary Report.

Apply now at: Application deadline is Friday, December 16, 2022.

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