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Highlights: Facilities Planning Committee meeting of October 6, 2021

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The first meeting of the Vancouver School Board’s Facilities and Planning Committee this year was held the evening of Wednesday, October 6.

The meeting began with a summary of the Long Term Investment Plan (LTIP), which is a report requested by the Ministry of Education. LTIP is intended to support the five-year capital investment plan by highlighting and contextualizing information in the District’s Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP). Items discussed included seismic priorities and availability of seismically safe capacity, enrolment changes in communities, including Olympic Village, as well as identifying opportunities to expand childcare programs in conjunction with government investment to advance the capital program. The LTIP is under review by Ministry of Education staff and it will be attached to the LRFP as an appendix.

Next on the agenda was an update about the District’s energy management plan and climate change activities. The District spends approximately $3.5 million oo electricity and $3 million on natural gas annually to operate its schools and facilities. District staff have worked for many years to manage these costs and since 2009 The District has been a member of the BC Hydro Energy Manager program. The program’s aims to reduce electricity consumption. The District has accomplished this through lighting upgrades, building tune-ups as well as heat pump and heat plant replacements. The District has also supported educational initiatives toward climate change, including the annual student-led VSB sustainability conference, sustainability grants and an outdoor education group made up of educators. More details about the District’s effort to reduce its carbon footprint can be found on agenda item 1.2.

The final item on the meeting’s agenda was an update about the summer projects completed by the facilities and maintenance department. Maintenance staff were busy during the summer, completing a number of projects in schools throughout the District. While students were not using the facilities, staff took the opportunity to paint school floors and walls to add colour and life to the buildings. Maintenance staff also implemented the faucet replacement program as well as installed additional sinks throughout the District to improve hand hygiene in the wake of COVID 19. This work was in addition to updates made to schools’ ventilation systems. More details about the work completed can be found on the District’s website. Thanks to the hard work from the facilities team, school buildings were able to receive the necessary repairs over the summer break to ensure an optional learning environment for students.

Keep up to date with all of the District’s committee and Board meetings; see the calendar for meeting dates, agendas and livestream links. A full recording of the meeting can be found on the District’s YouTube channel. 




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