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New Year, New Teachers!

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There are so many changes that happen at the beginning of a new school year. These changes happen for our staff, students and our teachers. There are new classes, new faces and possibly an entirely new routine that many have to adjust to. A big part of all of these changes start with our teachers.

Now that back to school has officially begun, we decided to ring in the school year by interviewing a new teacher that started her very first placement! Elementary School Teacher Shaheen Jivraj-Sangara started teaching Grade 1 at Henry Hudson Elementary, and we've got the inside scoop on why she wanted to become a teacher.

Like many of the teachers we hire, Shaheen had a previous job before following her dreams to become a classroom teacher. Shaheen has always had a passion for teaching. She has two young children that are both students within the Vancouver School District, and one of which has been diagnosed with special needs. What attracted Shaheen most about working for the Vancouver School District was the fact that she could give back to her local community.

"I've seen what the Vancouver School District has done, and continues to do for him, and I am very motivated to do the same for other students," says Shaheen.

With that motivation at the forefront, Shaheen has started out the school year in her Grade 1 class by focusing on building a strong community in the classroom, setting classroom expectations and practicing self-regulation with her students.

"My first week back at school was amazing! It solidified that this career is right for me. The children are full of energy, kind, and willing to learn. Our class is building great connections and settling in nicely. I'm really looking forward to going through an entire cycle of the school year and getting to know all of the tiny details I need to know as a teacher."

There is always a huge learning curve when starting a new placement in a new school. We are so lucky to have such an eager, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher join the District. We're looking forward to hearing more about Shaheen's progress over the school year. Welcome to the Vancouver School District, Shaheen!

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