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2021-22 Kindergarten Registration Update

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Kindergarten families that applied to full schools or District Choice Programs were informed of their offer of acceptance or number on the waitlist on February 18, 2021. The waitlist numbers at full schools are dynamic at this point in the year. The District commits to finding a placement for waitlisted kindergarten families in the coming months.

At present, there are 14 sites identified as ‘full’. However, this number may change as families accept or decline placement offers and as applications continue to be processed. A full school is identified when the school is projected to have inadequate physical space to accommodate in-catchment applicants.

Current sites identified as full are Carr, Cavell, Crosstown, Elsie Roy, False Creek, Fleming, Fraser, Gordon, Hudson, Lord, Nelson, Norma Rose Point, Roberts and Roberts Annex. Just over 300 students are waitlisted for these schools. In the coming months, the District will continue to manage waitlists and enrolment and determine placements for students who have been waitlisted at their full catchment school. The total number on the waitlist in the District is expected to change dramatically. 

Waitlist fluctuation is due to a number of factors, including: the District receives applications to attend cross-boundary schools until February 26, 2021; if a child receives placement at a school that is not their home catchment school, they remain on their catchment school’s waitlist. It is the same process for families that accept a place in a District Choice Program such as French Immersion, or at a cross-boundary school. The District will continue to provide updates as the kindergarten registration process continues.

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